ConTeXt User Meeting


I would like to remind you all that the Fourth International ConTeXt User Meeting will take place in Brejlov (close to Prague) on September 13-18, 2010, and that registrations are still open.

The near-final programme will be published on the above website soon. We already have 35 talks on lots of topics, 9 discussions, 7 workshops and 2 question and answer sessions planned from 15 different speakers.

There will be workshops on:

* installing the latest context (by Mojca Miklavec)
* document structure (by Hans Hagen)
* Xml processing in mkiv (by Hans Hagen)
* Using the letter module (by Wolfgang Schuster)
* Lua for beginners (by Taco Hoekwater)
* Lua for font lovers (by Taco Hoekwater)
* Arranging pages and creating a flyer (by Willi Egger)